Travel News Why You Should Sell Your House and Travel the World written by admin May 4, 2017

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? To pack some bags and put your home on sale on a whim.

I wonder if you’ll still think it’s crazy or that it’s a very good idea by the time this article is done.

According to Adam Costa of, he and his wife suddenly made the decision to sell every one of their valuables and travel the world after months of struggling to cope financially during the recession.

Being sceptical, you would expect Adam to regret this rash decision. Instead, Adam claims he travelled through Southeast Asia with his wife, eating out daily and taking cabs, and yet still had a lot of extra money. He even said their travelling expenses were 50% less than “…sitting on a couch in California.”

Now professional travellers, Adam and his wife own a successful online business they run from any part of the world their whim takes them.

If Adam Costa’s story isn’t enough to convince you, here are genuine reasons to sell your house and use the money to see the world:

You gain new experiences

As Anna Quindlen put it, “the life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have…”

Having to live your life in a repetitive circle might seem like a life choice that offers you stability, but at the end of it all, are you sure you aren’t hampering your potential to accomplish something new and amazing.

If you travel, you’re exposed to new experiences, new people, new thoughts and all of that can come together to make a better and more powerful you.


You develop gratitude for life and a new perspective on life

Mark Twain said. “…wholesome, charitable views of men and things can’t be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth…”

When you travel, you learn. As you meet new people and explore different cultures, you find your mind and knowledge expanding, leading your perspective to develop. Simply put, travelling takes you out of the box the daily routine of your 9-5 job has placed you in.

Witnessing new places and customs with different ideas will make you question your preconceived notions and guide you to appreciate life and how your sedentary nature has underutilised your existence and potential. Not only that, it’s a wonderful way to rest and reboot yourself – body, and soul.

Opening your mind

If you are a creative person or adept at providing solutions, travelling will boost your creativity by introducing you to things that you never thought real or possible. It all boils down to travelling gifting you with new experiences and new ways of thinking that’ll never leave you but guide you to a better and more fulfilled you.


Are you now convinced that dropping everything to travel isn’t so crazy but are worried about how to sell your house? Stop worrying.

Trusted firms like are there to do the worrying for you and quickly buy your UK property at a mutually beneficial price and with no stress on your end. With the cash from the sale and yourself unburdened of your hobbling possessions, you are ready to undertake your adventure towards enlightenment, freedom, and fulfilment.


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