Travel Tips The top reasons to visit turkey written by admin January 27, 2017

Turkey is one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations. It’s inexpensive, it’s warm and there is a lot to see. But, why might you want to visit Turkey?

The Beautiful Weather

The summers in Turkey seem to last half the year, especially in the warm south of Turkey. This means that for six out of twelve months you could relax at the beach and soak up the sunshine. There are beach towns all along the coast line that have wonderfully warm night air and shining boats always gliding across the Mediterranean waters. Then, when it finally starts to get cold, you can head to the mountains for some thrilling winter sports. Turkey has some of the best ski resorts in the world.

Medical and health tourism

There is a fascinating phenomenon occurring due to Turkey’s burgeoning medical industry. Medical and health tourism are becoming surprisingly common; people visiting Turkey to receive medical treatments and procedures. This is because the medical technologies and healthcare services in Turkey are advancing rapidly, growing at the rate of 5-10% every year since 2002. Turkey’s private healthcare sector is of an outstanding quality while also being more affordable for patients from the Middle East and Europe. So, people are going to Turkey to get a tan as well as to receive inexpensive hair replacement procedures and other cosmetic procedures that are usually expensive in other places around the world. While you might not be interested in getting some great value vaccinations, this expanding industry is a great opportunity for anyone in the medical or cosmetic profession.

The History

Turkey has a rich and fascinating history and exploring the country you will find evidence of it everywhere. On Nemrut’s Peak you can see the remains of a king’s mausoleum and a temple overlooking south-eastern Anatolia. To the eastern side of Turkey, near the Armenian border, you can find the ruins of Ani. These are the forgotten remains of “the city of a thousand and one churches”. You can find ruins of ancient churches and mausoleums littered around the hillsides. One of the most incredible sites in Turkey is Pamukkale where you’ll find the ruins of Hieropolis, the Greco-Roman Spa city. Here you can bathe in natural springs and marvel at the pale landscape.

The Food

When people return from Turkey the one thing that almost everyone talks about is the incredible food. Turkey’s cuisine is a collection of cultures. Middle Eastern, Asian and European flavours come together to bring you some of the most delicious food you will find anywhere and it’s moderately priced. Swarma, kebabs, koftes, stews, breads and unique, regional specialties all need to be sampled in order for you to truly realise just how fantastic it is.


There is no way to describe the scenery. You have snowy mountains like Mount Ararat, vast blue lakes like Van Lake, vibrant cities like Izmir and Bursa and fiery sunsets over sandy horizons. The views in Turkey are out of this world, so walk whenever you can to soak it all in.


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