Travel Tips The Top 5 Most Beautiful Areas In Turkey To Live written by admin June 28, 2017

The mixture of tradition and secular combined with spectacular landscapes at every turn makes Turkey a great destination to live. If you want a location where the populace is not hesitant to adopt diversity while retaining history, it is the place to be! Here are the top 5 places to live in this intercontinental melting pot.


It is the largest city in Europe therefore the diversity on display here is not surprising in the least. Istanbul has a bit of everything for everyone including rich culture, religion, food, art and lots of attractions. All across the landscape, there are lots of ancient landmarks sandwiched between modern civilisations. It is easy to see why many erroneously count Istanbul as the Turkish Capital.


Alanya is a hot destination for foreign property purchases in Turkey. The location and magnificent scenery made this destination a focal point for the Greeks, Ottomans and Romans for years. Alanya is surrounded by ancient castles, fortresses and strong holds. It is without doubts, the perfect place to be if you would love to enjoy history while enjoying all the perks of modernity.


Few places in the world will serve up more gorgeous natural scenery than Antalya. The weather makes it a hot destination for many coming in from the West. You can enjoy the Sun’s warmth for the most part of the year and when you are up for some water related fun, you can head up to the upper and lower Düden waterfalls. The mountains all around make stunning pictures and you can enjoy some of the best winter games in the small winter window. This is the place to live if you love skiing, hiking or sightseeing. It is not surprising that Antalya is classed as the fastest growing area in Turkey.


Side is another top location to consider if you want a perfect mix of tranquillity, colourful environment and lots of history. The town is small but rich in history. It doesn’t take too long to see the laid back life the city provides. The city’s history can be traced back to the 7th century and is home to many historical sites including the popular Apollo Temple.


Bodrum is one of the upscale areas in Turkey so there is a slight price mark-up on everything. However, it is a hotbed for entertainment. It is home to some of the best music in the country and you will enjoy the sights and sounds from the sailing routes and marinas all around. Bodrum is not very different from this list as it still retains the diversity that makes Turkey a great destination. It should be high up on your list if you love beach-themed living. There are lots of clean beaches to stroll on and the food is great at every turn. Bodrum is a truly modern retreat.

Where you choose to love from this list, you can be certain you won’t find a better experience across Turkey.


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