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Are you looking to go to America? Then there are a few life hacks that you may want to consider, particularly if you are a regular flier, or you want to start your travels in the New Year. Frequent flyer miles can really help to save you a lot of money in the long run, and if you’re a lover of travelling then you’re going to definitely want to capitalise on this. However, not all frequent flyer programs are very equal in the way that they work, then you’re going to want to ensure that you shop around a little bit in order to find the air miles that you can use. Frequent flyer miles aren’t available with every airline, so it is important to try and find the ones that really suit you and your travel partners or families’ needs. If you are heading to America, then you’re going to want to ensure that you have the right American Visa, and then determine the right number of frequent flyer miles that you need to go.

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US Airline Award Charts

Flights to America, particularly from Europe or even the Caribbean which is a lot closer than most of the rest of the world, can be expensive. However, air miles can help with the cost, and if you rack up enough points you may even be able to get a free flight to America. Doing some price comparisons with the help of US Airline Award Charts (which you can find freely online), will help to make sure that you’re getting the best deal if you’re looking to use your air miles. For example, if you’re looking to fly from the US to the Caribbean, you can find expensive prices of around 17,500 miles with the likes of United Airlines. However, if you do a more direct search for, for example, Miami to Jamaica, you may only need 4,500 British Airways miles each way for the journey. Comparing the different miles is the best way to find out exactly how many air miles you are going to need in order to get a free flight to America.



On top of frequent flyer miles you may also be able to find some discounts on deals, with more than just the mileage rewards, with baggage fees also being included. Finding this out in advance may help you to ensure that you get the cheapest free ticket redemption of any free flight that you can find. Depending on where you want to fly, and the route you want to take will also determine which of the best frequent flyer program(s) work for you. In some cases, you can best frequent flyer credit cards, or be involved with a whole program that features frequent flyer miles, discounts on baggage and other VIP experiences all as part of the package. Knowing how many air miles each flight you take prior to your trip to America will also help you to determine exactly how long it will take for you to build up the number of frequent flyer miles in order to earn your free flight to America.


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